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Individualized and personal prenatal care is one of the hallmarks of midwifery care. It is the development of a relationship of trust between the midwife and her client. 

Approach: My approach to  prenatal care is thorough, individual, and holistic. At least 1 hour is scheduled for every prenatal, giving you plenty of time to ask questions and discuss pregnancy, labor & birth, and the postpartum period with me. I want to get to know you and your desires, helping you achieve the healthiest, safest pregnancy & birth possible. 

Location: Prenatals are held at my office in Cedar Park, with 1-2 visits done at the client's home to go over the birth plan.  I share an office with Good Vibes Chiropractic
Fathers, siblings, other family members, and friends are always welcome at a prenatal appointment as the mother desires them to be there.   


Frequency: During the pregnancy, prenatal visits are scheduled monthly until the 28th week of pregnancy, then bi-weekly until 36 weeks of pregnancy, at which time weekly visits are scheduled until the baby arrives. While this is the standard schedule of visits, additional prenatal visits may be added at any time if the client or midwife feels the need.


Content: Each prenatal is a time of monitoring the health and wellbeing of the mother, as well as the health and growth of the baby. A normal prenatal will include:

  • blood pressure and pulse assessment of the mother

  • urinalysis 

  • assessment of how the mother has been feeling, discussion of anything unusual

  • discussion of what to expect during this specific stage of pregnancy

  • nutritional review and counseling, discussion of applicable vitamins & supplements

  • discussion of baby's current developments

  • assessment of baby's growth

  • listening to the baby's heartbeat

  • any labs or diagnostic tests for the appropriate stage of pregnancy (optional with client's informed consent)


The foundation for a healthy pregnancy is nutrition, drinking plenty of water, exercise, and a healthy mental and emotional state. I seek to look at the whole woman and treat the root causes of health concerns, not mask the symptoms. 

What happens if a complication develops during my pregnancy? If something develops that appears concerning, I will often first seek the opinion of another midwife, and may possibly refer the client to a specialized doctor who will make a further assessment. It may be that the issue is benign and of no concern, or the client may need further specialized medical care. In the case that a problem develops that is outside of my normal scope of midwifery, the care of low-risk women, I will help you find the best doctor for your needs and continue to support you in your pregnancy and birth as you desire. 

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