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Complete midwifery services, including prenatal care, care during labor & birth, assistance in delivering your baby, a comprehensive newborn examination, postpartum care and breastfeeding assistance.

Pre-conception care & counseling is also offered. 

I use a combination of modern midwifery knowledge and the time-honored holistic ways of healing and caring for the body - herbs, essential oils, and homeopathy are all tools that are used. 

Fees & Pricing

My complete fee is $4500. This includes all prenatal care, needed lab work, all care during labor and birth, and all postpartum visits. You are hiring me to care for you, doing whatever is needed. There are no hourly fees or costs for extra needed visits. See the FAQ page for more on my fee. 

Meet the Midwife & Free Consult

Pregnancy & birth are very special, intimate times. It is essential that you hire a midwife with whom you are comfortable and feel is a good fit. I would love to meet with you and hear your story and share some of mine. I offer a free, 1 hour consult where you can get to know me and ask questions, helping you make the best choice of a midwifery provider for you and your family. 

Special Note:

My practice is currently at capacity for new clients and is not accepting additional due dates at this time. I am fully booked through June 2024 and am taking a sabbatical from births after that for travel and family time. However, there are many wonderful midwives in this area! Here are a few I recommend. 

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