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Labor & Birth

The labor and birthing of a child is one of the most amazing, vulnerable, and life-altering things a woman can do. As a midwife, I monitor you and your baby throughout labor to detect and address any complications that may arise and guide you through a natural, safe birth in your home.

I am on call for you for whatever  you need throughout your pregnancy, and especially from 37+ weeks when your baby can be born outside of the hospital. All of my clients have my cell phone number and access to me whenever they go into labor. I help guide you through early labor and then attend you in active labor until several hours after the birth, or whenever mom and baby no longer need their midwife.


I bring all needed medical equipment for the birth to your home, and monitor the baby's heartbeat during labor with my wireless doppler, along with the mother's vitals. I carry oxygen if needed for mother and baby and medications for hemorrhage. I am trained to handle common birth complications, and hire a seasoned midwife to assist me at all deliveries. The other midwives I work with are lovely, and you will be able to meet them before the birth. 

I regularly do waterbirths, or help women use water for comfort during labor. If clients desire, they may borrow one of my waterbirth tubs free of charge to use for their homebirth. I will assist you with setting up and taking down the birth tub, and will leave your home orderly and tidied up from the birth before I leave.

As part of caring for you throughout your labor, I use massage techniques, homeopathy, essential oils, various position changes for mom, and verbal encouragement and support. 

If needed after the birth, I can provide suturing for mom with local anesthetic. 

Standards in my practice are intermittent fetal heart rate monitoring, encouraging the mother to eat and drink in labor, performing IVs only if needed, delayed cord clamping, facilitation of natural delivery of the placenta, and constant skin-to-skin contact of mother and baby. 

After you and your baby have had time to bond and begin breastfeeding, I will weigh and measure your baby and complete a head-to-toe newborn exam ensuring that baby is healthy and thriving. 

I also offer a postpartum herbal bath after the birth, promoting faster healing for mom. I will file your baby's birth certificate, and a few weeks later you will receive their social security card in the mail. Birth certificates can be ordered through the Texas Department of State Health Services Vital Statistics office. 

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