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Birth Resources


Homebirth Kit:  Follow the button above to order your homebirth kit.Please ask me if you have questions about your kit. Included are several optional items you may add to your order if you would like them.

List of Supplies Needed for Homebirth - (PDF download)

Here is a example of a Birth Plan for Home Birth containing some helpful things to think about. 

PDF Resource for Dads: A Dad's Journey Into Homebirth

Resources for Children:

Here are several children's books on homebirth which may be helpful to read with your children as you prepare them for your birth. 

- Home Birth Betty

- Mommy's Having a Homebirth

- Mama Says Homebirth

- My Mother is the Strongest

- The Waterbirth Story

Birth Photographers: Here are several birth photographers in this area to check into. 

Doulas: If you are interested in hiring a doula, it is good to interview several and find one who is a good fit for you! Here are several doulas that I recommend if you'd like a starting place in finding one. 

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