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Postpartum Resources

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 Postpartum Products:

Breastfeeding Resources:

Prenatal & Postpartum Exercise Class for Moms:

FIT4MOM is a nation-wide prenatal and postnatal fitness program, providing fitness classes and a network of moms to support every stage of motherhood. From pregnancy, through postpartum and beyond, their fitness and wellness programs help make moms strong in body, mind, and spirit.

Find a FIT4MOM location near you

Toning Your Body in the Postpartum Period:

Postpartum Exercise PDF  1

Postpartum Exercise PDF  2

Pelvic Floor Exercises: Michelle Kenway's Youtube Channel

Newborn Hearing Screens:

Offered by FNP April Bullock at Austin Family Health Clinic - $100


Here are a few local pediatricians that I recommend. Feel free to ask me for more specific information about them. 

Pelvic Floor Therapists:

Pelvic floor therapy can be very helpful after giving birth and during pregnancy as well. Here are several to check out. 

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