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Why choose a homebirth with a midwife?

Here are some reasons why you might consider hiring a midwife for your prenatal care and homebirth.

• You want one-on-one compassionate, mother-led prenatal care and birth. ⠀ • You do not want to be induced at 40 weeks.⠀ • You want to set the tone and atmosphere of your birth space.⠀ • You do not want to be offered pain medication or an epidural. (...and if you change your mind you can change your location.)⠀ • You want a natural birth, not just a vaginal birth.⠀

• You or your partner want to catch the baby.⠀ • You want a water labor and/or waterbirth.⠀

• You want relational care where you know the person who will show up to your birth, because they are the one on-call for you continually.⠀ • You want access to your provider throughout your pregnancy and postpartum, not just during the 15-20 minutes you have scheduled for your routine appointment.⠀ • You are a low-risk, healthy woman.⠀ • You are a FIRST TIME mom. The first birth sets the tone for all births to come. Write a beautiful story on a clean, blank page.⠀ • Approximately 8 out of 10 births attempted at home succeed in delivering at home. ⠀


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