Motherhood Midwifery

Kristin Dudley,  Licensed Midwife

About Me

I am a midwife in Central Texas who serves families desiring midwifery care and a homebirth. Pregnancy and birth are viewed as normal, natural life events. I offer care for mother and baby during the entire pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period. My style is holistic, personal, and nurturing. 

My practice is based out of Cedar Park, Texas, serving the surrounding area. 


I love helping women walk through their pregnancies and seeing families grow! Being a midwife is how I love my neighbor. 

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Complete prenatal care is provided.

This includes an initial health assessment, blood work and labs, monitoring of mother's health during pregnancy, and baby's growth and normal development. Prenatal visits are in my office in Cedar Park, Texas, with 1 prenatal visit in your home to review your birth plan.

I love doing homebirths in urban and rural Central Texas.

A secondary midwife accompanies me to births. Waterbirth is an option, and my team will clean up the birth area of your home after your baby has arrived. 

I offer complete postpartum care in your home including visits that are two days,  two weeks, and 6 weeks after your birth. Also included is care for newborns until they are 6 weeks old, and help establishing breastfeeding as needed. Postpartum care is

given in your home.

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